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Mill Linings Alumina Brick

Alumina brick is ideal for ball mill lining, it has high strength, high resistance to wear and tear, high resistance to corrosion. Alumina brick is ideal parter of alumina grinding ball.

Our alumina brick is formed by pressing, precise in sizing and easy for install.

size: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm

Rectangle Alumina Brick, Technical Specifications
Rectangle Alumina Brick Length (L) Width (W) Thickness (H)
40 series 150 50 40
60 series 150 50 60
70 series 150 50 70
rectangle and trapezoid bricks
Trapezoid Alumina Brick, Technical Specifications
Trapezoid Alumina Brick Length (L) Width (W1) Width (W2) Thickness (H)
40 series 150 50 45 40
60 series 150 50 45 60
70 series 150 50 45 70

Mill linings alumina brick types available: rectangle brick, trapezoid brick, flake brick, half-rectangle brick and half-trapezoid brick.

Al2O3 content: 92%, 95%.

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Packing and Shipment

Box / carton upon customer's demand.

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