Dear sir,
We are trying to source alumina balls of 1.4 mm size with the packing density of 0.8 kg/lit. The balls should have minimum possible porosity.
Please communicate the availability of Alumina, Ceramic & perforated alumina meeting this range.
If available please send the specifications.

Thanking you with Regards.

Shashank Vaidya


Dear Sir,

Upon request of client, kindly please refer to below and offer us based on CIF Taiwan seaport including seaworthy packing accordingly.

1)Material Identification: 25 x 25cell block
Product Trade Name: Cordierite Honeycomb
Chemical Formula: 2 MgO 2Al2O3 5SiO2

2) Hazardous Ingredients
Normal inorganic ,Nothing Hazardous

3)Chemical Composition
Ingredients Approximate %
MgO 12.8%
Al2O3 35.2 %
SiO2 50.4%

4) Physical Data
Compressive Strength 3.5 ~ 6.5 Mpa
Density 2.27 ~ 2.45 g / cm3
CTE 1.2~1.54×10-6.?
Specific Heat 1000 x 1300 J/kgK
Heat conductivity 1.55~2.56 W/mK
Spalling Temperature Min 250.?

5) 15 CM * 15CM * 30 CM( L* W* H)
6) Quantity : 500 pcs.
If your offered spec. is not exactly identical the client requirement, kindly please let us know the different parts. If any further questions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you so much for your help in advance.
Best Regards,

Linda Wang

Dear Sir,

This is Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction in Rep. of KOREA(hereafter referred to DOOSAN).

We are executing the IGCC(Integrated gasification combined cycle) project in Rep. of KOREA as an EPC provider

You are kindly requested to provide us your quotation for the following HCN/COS Hydrolysis Ceramic ball.

Diameter : 25 mm / 12mm / 6mm
Shape : spheres/rings
Purchase Amount : 10.0 m3 / 70.0 m3 / 20 m3
Condition : CIF Busan(Korea)
Packing : Manufacturer’s STD

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated, within May 27 preferably.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely yours

Susanna Jung
Power Business Group
IGCC Business Team

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co.,Ltd.
Office. 82 2 513 7515
Mobile. 82 10 2083 5904


Sir ,

Sub : Cost for Alumina balls 2-5 MM ( Inert Alumina Ball)

We are doing cost estimate for Alumina balls 2-5 MM .

It will be very much helpful if you provide Standard price of Alumina balls for our cost estimate.

Pradeep Chand KRD

Senior Manager (PE-Optimisation)
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd
Manali , Chennai 600068
Tamil Nadu , India
PH: 044-2594 4306

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alumina & ceramic balls

Dear Sirs,

Vermeer Eemhaven is a designer and fabricater of heat exchangers and Vermeer Process is a designer and fabricator of filter systems.
At this moment we are working on carbon filter vessels and we are in need of good prices for ceramic or alumina balls for carbon bed support.
In general we are encountering more and more applications similar to this and where we are in need off inert balls.
The vessel bottoms will be filled with the inert balls and directly on top will be the carbon bed.
The process is gas sweetening( vent) and amine fluid adsorption.

At this moment we are in need off prices for about 20m3 inert balls.

Can you please offer prices and advise ASAP.

Kind regards,


Dear Alumina Ball Company,

I am looking for ceramic balls, 5/16″ diameter with approximately the following specifications:

Material: Very High Temperature Nonporous High-Alumina Ceramics
Form: Balls
Diameter: 5/16″
Diameter Tolerance: ±.0001″
Sphericity” 0.000025″
For Hardness: 1700 Vickers
Grade: 25
Operating Temperature Range: Up to +2000° F
Flexural Strength: 47,000 psi
Compressive Strength: 300,000 psi
Porosity: Nonporous
Performance Characteristic: Poor temperature insulator, Poor electrical insulator
Color: Opaque White
Tolerance: Standard
Notes: Machine using diamond grinding wheel.

Please let me know if you sell this product, how much it would cost and if I could get a sample.
I would need thousands of these balls.

Thanks, much.



Dear sir.

please quote us the following item:

1.Ceramic Ball (SiO2: 80%, Al2O3 : 20%) size:1/8″, QTY: 4 M3
2.Ceramic Ball (SiO2: 80%, Al2O3 : 20%) size:1/4″, QTY: 7 M3
3.Ceramic Ball (SiO2: 80%, Al2O3 : 20%) size:3/4″, QTY: 11 M3
4.Ceramic Ball (SiO2: 80%, Al2O3 : 20%) size:1″ , QTY: 1 M3

5.Alumina Ball (Al2O3: 99.2%), Size :1/8″, QTY: 0.3 M3
6.Alumina Ball (Al2O3: 99.2%), Size :1/4″, QTY: 0.3 M3
7.Alumina Ball (Al2O3: 99.2%), Size :1/4″, QTY: 4 M3
8.Alumina Ball (Al2O3: 99.2%), Size :2″ , QTY: 4 M3

delivery: CIF JAKARTA



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Dear Sir,

We are trading company in Vietnam, Our field is ceramic industry. At the moment we are looking for aluminum grinding ball 92%, 50mm Diameter. So please kindly quote for us with quantity 03 tons.
Thanks for your attention and hope have good chance for cooperation.

Tran Tung

Alumina ball, grinding media

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Dear Sir

We here by take an opportunity to introduce our company as leading manufacturer and supplier of ceramic raw materials in India

We now want to add Alumina grinding media to our product list, specially medium and high alumina balls and lining bricks

Please send us your best offer for the same

Thanking you and waiting for your favorable replay

Best regards

High alumina ball, mill linings brick

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Dear Sir,

May I request for the alumina ball quotation of Alumina Ball 92% high Al2O3 with ball size: 3mm. for 2-5 kg.
Since I am a researcher in Thailand (Dept of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University, Pathumthani.)
Please also include the freight cost for the shipping as well in your quotation.


NURAK Grisdanurak

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