Ref : 2104/CB-I/TE/IV09

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please quote with your best price C & F Singapore for material below :

– ALUMINA (Al2O3) % WT 90 MIN
– SILICA (S1O2) % WT 5.0 MAX
– Fe2O3 % WT 3.0 MAX
– LO1 AT 900 DEG C % WAT 1.0 MAX


– ALUMINA (Al2O3) % WT 99 MIN
– SILICA (S1O2) % WT 0.5 MAX
– Fe2O3 % WT 0.15 MAX
– LO1 AT 900 DEG C % WAT 1.0 MAX

QTTY = 5000 KG

Please indicate in your quotation :

1. Best Delivery Time
2. Total Weight and Packing Dimension
3. Could you provide Manufacture Certificate along with delivery ?
4. Payment System
5. Bid Validity

We hope can receive your quotation on 22 April 2009 at the latest.

Thank you and Regards

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Inquiry message received from the Internet. In case you have inquiry for high alumina ball, mill linings brick, pls submit to us, thanks.

Dear sir,

We would like to ask you about the price of :
1. Alubite/alumina grinding ball :
   – diameter 30, 40, 50, 60
2. Alumina lining brick :
   – rectangle bricks (L 155mm, W 50mm, H 60mm)
   – triangle brick (L 155mm, W1 50mm W2 45mm, H 60mm)
We hope we could hearing from you about the price of the product that we mention above.
Thank you for your very kinda attention.


Provided by HuaMing Alumina Technology Ltd.

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92% alumina ball, Tehran, Iran

Inquiry message received from the Internet. In case you have inquiry for high alumina ball, mill linings brick, pls submit to us, thanks.

Dear friend

How are you ?

Please send to me information about your company and as following items :

1 – 99% Alumina ceramic balls for size 60 – 70

2 – 92% Alumina grinding balls for size 50 – 60

Thanks & best regards

Provided by HuaMing Alumina Technology Ltd.

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Dear Sir,
We are looking for Ceramic or Silicon Carbide high speed ball bearings that will operate at 30,000 to 40,000 RPM for 3 hrs of continous operation. The bearing should be able to take a load of 2 kgs.
We are looking for standard sizes in the below range.
Outer race : 15 mm ~ 20 mm
Inner race  : 8 mm ~ 10 mm
Please let us know if you have anything in stock that will suit our above requirement.

Kalavar Exports
204,Galactica Towers,
Lokhandwala Complex,
Andheri (West).
Mumbai 400053.
Tel : +91-22-66937173
Fax: +91-2266937175

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Dear Sir,

Please send us your most competitive offer C & F Kuwait for the LP Alumina balls as per the details specs attached.

Your offer should reach us on or before 20/4/09.

Your offer should include all the points as per the attachments and also as indicated below.

1.Attrition loss
2. Bulk Crushing Strength
3.Thermal spalling cracking and pealing –as per note 1
4. Impact breakage resistance –as per note -2
5.Also vendor should mention that a test certificate will be provided

Your early action and cooperation will be highly appreciated.


Business Development Head
Kuwait Catalyst Co
Tel : +965 23262095 Extn : 331
Fax : +965-23262093

Information provided by HuaMing Alumina Technology, China.



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Dear Sirs,

Upon request of client, the bid belongs to open tender bid, there no any vendor won and hit the client bottom price in the first time so the bid should be re-opened on April 14 again. And no one know the client bottom price. According to lowest price of every vendor showed on in the first time, I think if you can offer the total amount USD40000/ Lot,( total amount 48tons for 3 items) may be we can have a chance to win the case. If you are interesting on this case, kindly please confirm us by filling in the yes no form carefully as attached and return it to us. Thank you again.
PS: The due date of quotation is April 14.

Best Regards,

Linda Wang


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M/s. HuaMing Alumina Technology Ltd

Attn: International Sales Manager

We have an urgent enquiry for Ceramic Balls (Our ref: SHE/KO 258/09) closing Date 12.04.2009, details of which are attached. Kindly submit your C & F Kuwait prices indicating earliest possible delivery schedule, validity of prices for 90 days.

The following information should be provided with your quotation:-

1. Complete specifications / descriptions of material.
2. Relevant technical catalogue / literature duly marked for the items offered.

Appreciate your cooperation, and awaiting your quotation at the earliest.

Thanks & Regards

Thomas Varghese
Manager – Oilfield & Industrial Eqpt. Div.
Sons of Hamed Y. Al-Essa Trading Co.
Phone: 965 24673385, 24674470 ext. 200.
Fax: 965 24679834 / 24678123


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Dear Sir,

We are planning to visit China only for these alumina balls. We will ask for 100kg free of charge test balls for trial in our customer in Turkey, after good result and fair price, we will offer you to make custodian warehouse here in Turkey. You and I control this consignment stock and account. What about to work in this way?

Approximately 40 or 50 tons alumina balls should be stock in your custodian warehouse in Turkey. After we sell some of it. We will pay to you expense account.

Finally, if you want to sell your products here in Turkey, this is the best way for this big market.

Best Regards,

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Dear Sir,
We are trying to get a certificate for our ball mills, a certificate stating that they are ok to use it with consumable materials. We assume Your alumina balls and lining is used in them.
The certification office is asking for a UE or CE certificate, if Your alumina material is not toxic or poisonous, and it is possible to use it with consumable materials. We both know that alumina is ok for such substances, but we are asked for any proper document or certificate confirming it.
Can You help me here?
Thank You.
HuaMing Alumina

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The attached photos are one shipment of 15 tons 92% alumina grinding ball, dia. 40mm to our Mexico customer.

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