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Ceramic Ball

Ceramic ball are made from the inorganic, nonmetallic compound- china clay and are processed or used at high temperatures.

Ceramic ball has very good resistance to high temperature, high pressure and corrosion, ceramic ball also has very high strength, it is an ideal tower packing, column internals, catalyst bed support material.

HuaMing Alumina, China

We can supply Φ3 - Φ50mm ceramic ball for tower packing or column internals. Tower packing and column internals are widely used for chemical separation, purification and air pollution control.

Products Series

  • Inert alumina ball
  • Refractory alumina ball
  • Perforated alumina ball
  • Porous alumina ball
  • Activated alumina ball

Custom Requirement

In case your process need custom product, pls contact us for more discussion!

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Ceramic Ball, Technical Specifications
Al2O3 Al2O3+SiO2 Fe2O3 density g/cm3 Water absorption Mohs Hardness Operating Temperature
15-22 93% Min. 1% Max. 1.30-1.45 0.5% Max. 6.5 Min. 985 °C

Bags / drums upon customer's demand.

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