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Alumina ball, alumina grinding ball, inert alumina ball, mill linings alumina brick with annual production capacity exceeds 25,000 tons.

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alumina grinding ball from HuaMing Alumina, China

Alumina grinding ball

Ceramic grinding ball of high alumina content is high-density and ultra-high fired, enjoy the advantage of high mechanical strength and great wear-resistance. It is an economical, widely-used and non-metallic grinding media. Alumina grinding media ball is mainly used in the ceramics industry, pigment, fine chemical, glass, glaze and many other fields.

inert alumina ball from HuaMing Alumina, China

Inert alumina ball

Inert alumina ball is widely used in petrochemical industry, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, natural gas industry and environment protection etc. With functions as covering and supporting materials for catalyst in reactors and packing for towers. The main role of inert alumina ball is increasing the distribution of liquid and gas, holding and protecting the activated catalyst with low strength.

refractory alumina ceramic ball from HuaMing Alumina, China

Refractory ceramic ball

Refractory ceramic balls can be used as support and covering packings for catalyst in shift converter, reformer, hydro converter, desulfurizer, and methanator, and can also be used as packings in hot blast heater and heat transformer in iron and steel industries.

alumina brick from HuaMing Alumina, China

Alumina brick

Alumina brick is made from high purity refractory clays and other raw materials, with light weight and mini-porosity well distributed. Each brick is machined to precise tolerances on all six faces. Characteristic: low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, high spalling resistance, high hot compressive strength, low iron oxide and alkali flux content, accurate dimensions.

perforated alumina ceramic ball from HuaMing Alumina, China

Perforated ceramic ball

Perforated alumina ceramic ball is developed on the basis of inert ceramic ball. It has an adequate mechanical strength, good chemical and thermal stability as the normal inert ceramic ball, further more, it has larger surface area and free void which directly make the dispersion and flux of the fluids increased, and bring down the resistance of the system resulting from the perforated holes on the ball.

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