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Refractory Alumina Ball

For catalyst bed support and tower packing

Refractory alumina balls are made from industrial alumina and other refractory raw materials, and processed by mixing, shaping and firing. It has the properties of:

  • High strength and long working life;
  • High chemical stability, and never react with the feeding materials;
  • Excellent resistance to high temperature up to 1900°C.
Refractory ceramic balls can be used as support and covering packings for catalyst in shift converter, reformer, hydro converter, desulfurizer, and methanator, and can also be used as packings in hot blast heater and heat transformer in iron and steel industries.

size: Φ25mm, Φ30mm, Φ40mm ,Φ50mm, Φ60mm, Φ70mm.

Refractory Alumina Ball, Technical Specifications
Bulk Density Anti-Alkali Refractoriness
1.2-1.4 g/cm3 85% Min. 1500°C

Bags / drums upon customer's demand.

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